My name's Steff. 21, Jersey, cats, Thrice, beards. I curse and laugh too much. I like a lot of shit. I have a weird accent. Tell me a story.

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    maybe if you have good facial features like a chiseled jaw or something but most guys i know don’t look good without...
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    reblogged especially for the two last comments. (I don’t wear a beard because I am not pleased imagining myself with one...
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    Well then. Looks like I’ve been lying to myself for many years. Sorry bearded guys. Turns out I don’t actually prefer...
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    lol wrong.
  6. hollywoodwhispers said: Don’t worry. Out of all the beards, yours is the coolest. :p
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    I grow my facial for women like steff
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    Hey Erik, bad news.
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    Study: I don’t care. LOL!
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    now that study is just silly.
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    Hey, If it makes me look more aggressive, I’m for it!
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    Lies — ALL LIES!!! Beards are the best…so is chest hair! I don’t care if you’re bald, but if you’ve got a beard and/or...
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    :( It’s always worked for me. Course, my beard is much cooler than most others. Plus it has all those cool attachments.
  14. badbuddhist4 said: My beard makes me a teddy bear.
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    beards can be fucking sexy if done right and if it looks right on the guy I can’t say I mind the rugged look
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    Bullshit, beard love for life.
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    I like beards if they suit the guy and don’t scratch the hell out of my face
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    There you have it, ladies. I’m ugly and a lot of you are wrong!
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    If you look any more aggressive, people will piss themselves in fear on the El.
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    Though I don’t mind either way, dat commentary. lmao
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    New Zealand researchers discovered that women are more attracted to clean-shaven men than bearded ones. Women think...
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    Yeah same reason as above, bearded guys remind me of some older guys in my life like my uncle and it makes me feel so...
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    I call shenanigans. Facial hair makes my pants fall off
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    I personally think prince Charles looked much more attractive with the beard!!
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    Maybe some women don’t like beards, and that’s okay, but I love beards.
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    Lololol.I did a study and men and women don’t actually exist. We couldn’t find ANY (in our secret non-binary...
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    I was hoping to look more aggressive. Every little bit helps.